The List Christmas Party at OPUS Hotel

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The List Christmas Party at OPUS Hotel

A few nice celebrity list images I found:

The List Christmas Party at OPUS Hotel celebrity list
Image by Urban Mixer DJ Dove and DJ Eric Carver - Savio hosts the List Christmas Party at OPUS Bar - read more at www.ubanmixer.com

20100612 - Food Party in Baltimore - 4 - Bad Brilliance - IMG_0924 celebrity list
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL) It was definitely a strange act. After the abstract video and Thu Tran's Food Party shorts, Bad Brilliance performed. They were... interesting. And different. And entertaining. The balloon head was quite amusing, as was the girl in panties, who didn't come on at first. Then the Balloon Head singer deliberately sat on the balloon, ceremoniously popping his own head at the climax of the performance. More stuff crossed off from my "list of stuff I never thought I'd see". This picture was BARELY salvageable. It was so grainy and dark it was throwaway quality. Brightening it up just made it grainier. But selective desaturation helped make the subjects stand out just enough to keep me from deleting it. After all, the pose and expressions in this picture are awesome, despite the technical aspects of the picture sucking. What is that in girl-in-panties right hand, anyway? String cheese? Thu Tran. dancing, singing. National Bohemian beer, balloon head, cymbal, panties, red suit, sunglasses, yellow gloves. music: Bad Brilliance. Floristree, Baltimore, Maryland. June 12, 2010. ... Read my blog at ClintJCL.wordpress.com BACKSTORY: TV Carnage video party featuring Thu Tran, creator and star of IFC's AdultSwim-like show Food Party, as well as Matt Fitzpatrick, who does the music for Food Party, and Derrick Beckles, who directed the insane AdultSwim pilot Totally For Teens. They played Food Party shorts with Matt Fitzpatrick playing the music live, as well as Derrick Beckles Totally For Teens and Workout Video projects. And we got Thu Tran to autograph our clipboard!