Singer Celebrity Cheryl Cole Visits British Troops in Afghanistan

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Singer Celebrity Cheryl Cole Visits British Troops in Afghanistan

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Singer Celebrity Cheryl Cole Visits British Troops in Afghanistan photos of celebrities
Image by Defence Images Singer Cheryl Cole is pictured during her morale boosting trip visiting British troops in Afghanistan. On the 14 September 2011 Cheryl Cole paid the British Troops in Afghanistan a morale visit where she presented the British Forces with the Pride of Britain Award. Here she can be seen taking part in a demonstration by 42 Commando Royal Marines conducting a compound clearance followed by a casualty evacuation via a Chinook helicopter. She exclaimed that she had never experienced so much dust in her life before after the helicopter came in to extract the casualty. Photographer: LA(Phot) Hamish Burke Image 45153214.jpg from www.defenceimages.mod.uk Follow us: www.facebook.com/defenceimages www.twitter.com/defenceimages

One of the last photographs of Lucille Ball (hi-res scan) photos of celebrities
Image by Alan Light Lucille Ball on the red carpet at the 61st Annual Academy Awards, 1989. Photo taken at 61st Academy Awards 3/29/89 at Lucy's last public appearance. She died less than a month later on 4/26/89. At the time I took these photos of her I wanted to say hello, but she was already being approached by several other people and looked confused, so I stayed back. I didn't want to add to her disorientation. One of the coolest things about this day was, as I was putting on my tux at the hotel getting ready to go to this show, an old black and white I LOVE LUCY episode was playing on the TV. I knew Lucy was scheduled to be at the show and I looked forward to seeing her in person. It was a bit surreal. - Permission granted to copy, publish or post but please credit "photo by Alan Light" . High resolution scan of the original 35MM film negative - 256 pixels/inch.

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Image by Sabine Mondestin